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What is UnicornGO?

UnicronGO is not just an online game, but a whole cross-chain multiverse, in which there are games, mining, genetics, multi-chains, cartoons and new tech learning! Here gamers can buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed, clone and do many other things with mythical characters.

After an oecumenical cataclysm occurred on the planet, the human civilization died and our planet got populated by unicorns which are the result of genetic and quantum experiments of one mad scientist.

UnicornGO is a beautiful game for smart people

Here everyone will find something to do to their liking and aesthetics ☺️✌️ you may find harmony and happiness, create your own clan and even meet love 😁 (not for sure, but you never know😉..))

The UnicornGO universe is open to everyone, which we all have been waiting for. It is also totally dependent on the community (DAO): the storyline will depend on people, and only on one of the planets – from the AI. Now we have a high-tech universe for one and all. In its deepness, UnicronGO is a neosentimental multi-genre universe where everyone will find and embody what they dream about.

Do you hear the clarion of the corn?! Join the call and plunge with us into this beautiful fairy world ✌️

StarBerry token

The pre-sale is in progress now.

UnicornGo multiverse roadmap

In the UnicornGo Multiverse, you can visit 7 planets, each one being a different world with its own rules and capabilities. For UnicornGo, each planet is the next step in the Road Map implementation.

New. Magical. Unicorns.

The black hole swallowed the world of unicorns, only 6 of them survived, they are looking for new owners to get the rest of their brothers out of the abyss. Will you accept the honor and become one of the six knights of light?


Alexandr ShishowAdvisor
Natalya VerbitskayPR
Anna SmithOwner
Gleb IvanovskyDesigner

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